Purpose of the Device: It is a qualitative and quantitative analyzer commonly used for chemical separation, purification and determination.

Working Principle: It is based on the fact that the various substances in a mixture pass through a fixed phase with the help of a moving phase and are detected by the detector as a result of moving at different speeds during this transition.

Areas of Application: Environment, Food, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Polymer, Cosmetics, Quality Control, Biochemistry, Clinical Studies, Agriculture.

Technical Details:

Model/Type: Thermo Scientific / Thermo Ultimate 3000

Detectors: UV-DAD (190-800nm), Floresans(FL) , Refractive Index (RI)

Auxiliary module: Kobra Cell

Laboratory Managers: Academician Dr. Selahattin ERDOĞAN (Tel: 0368 2715644 / 6150-6138)

Laboratory Technician: Yücel GÖKGÖZ (Tel: 0368 2715644 / 6119)

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