Aim of the device :  Digest solids and cougulates in samples before the measurement of ICP-MS elemental analysis.

Operation principle: Sample dissolves and decomposes at elevated temperature and pressure (250 °C ve 45 bar) in the teflon bombs that contain high purity acids and solvents.

Application Fields: Involve the all fields of ICP-MS elemental analysis, 11 fields( Environmental, Food, Pharmocology, Agriculture,  Clinic ), 372 different type of application

Technical Features:

Brand/Model: Milestone Systems / Start D 260

Type: Digestion (D series)

Allowed Acids and Solvents: HNO3, H2O2, HCI

Rotor : SK10 High Pressure

Maximum Pressure and Temperature: 250 °C, 45bar

Sample Capacity :  10

Laboratory Manager: Academician Dr. Selahattin ERDOĞAN (Tel: 0368 2715644 / 6150-6138)
Laboratory Technician: Beyza SAĞOL(Tel: 0368 2715644 / 6015)

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