Purpose of the Device: Determination of trace elements in complex matrices and structural analysis of these compounds.

Working Principle: It contains the precision measurement combination of triple quadrupole mass spectrometry with the solubility power of liquid chromatography. Liquid chromatography assists in the structural identification of each component while mass spectroscopy separates the components in the mixture.

Areas of Application: Pharmacology, Drug Chemistry, Food, Environment, Pesticide, Hormone and Antibiotic Residue Analysis.

Technical Details:

Model/Type: Agilent Technologies / 6460 Triple Quad LC/MS

Ionization Modes: Electrospray ESI (- + ), Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization APCI (- + )

Primary and Secondary Gases:  Nitrogen (purity;%97> and purity %99.999)

Mass Filter and Detector: Triple Quadrupol, Dual mode (9 order)

Liquid Chromatography Unit: Agilent Infinity 1260 HPLC

Nitrogen Gas Generator: Peak Scientific Instruments, NM32LA

Laboratory Managers   Academician Dr. Özlem BİLGİN (Tel: 0368 2715644 / 6143-6139)
                                         Academician Dr. Selahattin ERDOĞAN (Tel: 0368 2715644 / 6150-6138)
Laboratory Technician: Uğur ÇARLI (Tel: 0368 2715644 / 6106)

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