Aim of the device :  Quantitative and qualitative measurement of elements in ppb (micrograms / kilograms) and ppt (nanograms / kilograms) levels in solid and liquid samples.

Operation principle: The sample ionized via electromagnetic induction under inert argon plasma at 10000 Kelvin, positively charged ions classified by mass / charge ratio into the quadrupol than measured as concentration unit by a detector syncronized with an electron multiplier.

Application Fields: Environmental( water, sediment, waste, sludge), Food(meat, creal), Clinic (tissue, blood, hair, urine), Geology( rock, soil ),  Industry (characterization)

Technical Features:

Brand/Model: Agilent Technologies / 7700X ICP-MS Systems

Primary and Secondary Gases: Argon ( %99.999 purity)

Interference Reducing Collision Cell and Gas: OSR3, Helium (%99.999 purity)

Mass Filter and Dedector: Quadrupol, Dual mode (9 order dynamic)

Auto Sampler Unit: ASX-520

Auixilary Unit: Microwave Digestion, Milestone Start D 260

Laboratory Manager : Academician Dr. Selahattin ERDOĞAN (Tel: 0368 2715644 / 6150-6138)
Laboratory Technician: Beyza SAĞOL (Tel: 0368 2715644 / 6015)

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