Aim of the device: Analyses of gasses and volatile compounds. Quantitative and qualitative studies of organic, inorganic and biological samples and identification of their molecular structures.

Operation principle: Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry is a combination of two effective analytical methods. Gas chromatography separates the compounds of the mixture whereas mass spectrometry helps in the structural identification of each compound.

Application fields: Volatile fatty acids, alkaloids, terpenes, steroids, drugs, quantitative and qualitative analyses of oil products. Forensic medicine and drug analyses.

Active analyses of the device: Determination of fatty acid composition

Technical Features:

Brand/Type: Thermo Scientific / Trace 1310 Gas Chromatograph / ISQ Single Quadrupole GC-MS

Autosampler: AI-AS 1310 Series Autosampler

Gasses used: Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen, Dry air. (%99.999 pure)

Available detectors: GC-FID and GC-MS (ECD)

Responsible personnel: Assoc. Prof. Derya ÜRKMEZ (Phone: 0368 2715644 / 6158-6137)
                                          Academician Dr. Ufuk BOZKURT OBUZ (Phone: 0368 2715644 / 6142)

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